237130 A1 Wk1 Task #3 Reading Reflection 9/3

The first key point that Mirzoeff made that interested me was the significant changes in global population distribution over the past 40 years. The youth, urbanisation and connectedness of today’s population is unlike anything before this time. The potential long term consequences of this amaze me. (Mirzoeff 5)

The second point that interested me was the sheer quantity of visual content available to us now. As humans have never before lived with this much exposure to visual information we cannot yet know the long term impacts of this on humans psychologically and physically. (Mirzoeff 6)

Mirzoeff’s idea of ‘permanent revolution’ fascinated me as we are constantly exposed to and consuming endless amounts of content and information. With the platforms we have available to us today this means that trends come and go faster, people are more connected to global issues and we have the platforms to spark change, uniting people globally in a permanent state of revolution. (Mirzoeff 7)

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