237130 A1 Wk2 Task #1 Field Trip Site Description and Analysis 12/3

Shand, Rosa. Arty Bees BookstorePhotograph.

Arty Bees Books is a family-run, independent bookstore located on Manners Street. It’s main purpose is to sell both second hand and new books to the local community. Eye catching, cohesive branding including a website, signage outside and inside the store, window displays and street signs announce this to the public.

Started in 1988, by a 60 year old ‘redundant’ worker and flying instructor of WW1, the business quickly grew into Wellington’s largest retailer of preloved and new books. The business is wholeheartedly a community business with a passion for Wellington, the people and the environment. They believe in supporting the local community and contributing a certain uniqueness to central Wellington. Their branding predominantly uses a warm yellow with a contrasting navy blue. A charismatic black and white graphic logo of a bee contributes to it’s uniqueness. The branding is bold, yet unthreatening. The store furnishings including an assorted array of chairs, stools, ladders and bookshelves were not flashy or sleek, merely purposeful and tidy. With over 90000 titles stocked, the store was far more established than I had imagined and from 5:00 to 6:00 pm on a Friday night, it was quietly buzzing. Music played softly whilst a steady stream of seemingly loyal customers trickled in, through and out of the store. The greatest source of noise coming only from in depth discussions between staff and customers both young and old.

Shand, Rosa. Arty Bees Bookstore. Photograph.
Shand, Rosa. Arty Bees Bookstore. Photograph.
Shand, Rosa. Arty Bees Bookstore. Photograph.
IMG_2756 copy.jpg
Shand, Rosa. Selfie at Arty Bees. Photograph.

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