237130 | A2 | W4 | 1A Blog Task

Clarke, Michael. “The Essay.” Verbalising the Visual: Translating Art and Design into Words. Lausanne, Switzerland: AVA Publishing, 2007. 144-167. Print.





An analytic essay is an essay which requires you to write analytically about a subject. This usually includes describing, explaining, analysing and evaluating. It usually involves forming an argument and providing several key points with examples to strengthen your argument. One of the most critical aspects of analytic essay writing is understanding the question. This means looking at the key words of the question. It is also important to understand what else the question may imply without explicitly asking. Forming your key points using key words and ideas allows you to start developing an argument. Researching your key points allows you to provide greater insight, and develop a personal response. It is necessary to provide relevant examples to back up your main point.

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