237130 | A2 | W4 | 1B Blog Task

Creme, Phyllis, and Mary R. Lea. “Reading as Part of Writing.” Writing at University: A Guide for Students. Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill Education, 2008. (71-76) eBook Collection (EBSCOhost). Web. 31. Jan. 2016.

Advantages to being a patchwork writer, grand plan writer or architect writer could be that they write with more purpose and clarity due to having a plan. Their essays may be less time consuming as they have already considered what they will write. However, the diver writer may develop more insightful personal response as they aren’t limiting the direction of their thinking by planning. The architect and patchwork approach are the most similar to my own approach. I am like the patchwork writer in that I work with headings however I usually plan my overall argument and links as well. The architect approach is also similar to my own as I always visualise an overall plan and structure to my essay starting with main points and then adding in examples, quotations, personal response and links etc.

When beginning an essay I will spend a lot of time thinking about the question. I look at the key words first and think of different interpretations of the question. I often consult with teachers or peers as to how they interpreted the question. This is when I start developing my overall argument. I look at readings, books, class notes and websites where I collate information into ideas and themes. I then begin to make a plan of my main body paragraphs. I roughly note down what content, quotes and examples I could use in each paragraph to reinforce my overall argument. The complexity of my plan would be dependent on the type of essay. I then begin writing starting with the introduction to remind me of what my essay is about. I usually write one draft but continue to polish and refine it.

I identify most closely with all of the writers that used some kind of planning to guide their essay writing. I identified most strongly with the architect writer and less so with the patchwork writer. Ideally I would like to become more like the grand plan writer as I believe that reading is crucial to understanding and developing a more insightful, comprehensive argument. It was useful to read about other students processes as it showed there was no ‘correct’ way. It made me think about different processes I could try that aren’t too dissimilar from my natural approach.

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