237130 | A2 | W4 | 2A Blog Task

‘How to see yourself’ (Mirzoeff, Chapter 1. 31-69) draws attention to the changing nature of imagining, and of imaging identity and ‘the self’. Discuss some of the different ways that representations of identity have shifted over time. Draw upon some of Mirzoeff’s examples to explain different concerns artists, photographers and others have had about identity which have influenced the kinds of visual texts they produce. Use least one example from Mirzoeff and find 1-2 other examples. The discussion should explore historical change or how a marginalised identity confronts dominant identities.

The question is asking us to look at the different methods and mediums of representing identity eg. paintings, photographs etc. and how these have changed and evolved. The question asks us to support this with three different examples of how an artist’s ideas surrounding identity influenced the work they produced. One of these examples should be from Mirzoeff and the other two should be independently sourced. It is important to include the historical context that initiated these changes in how humans have been able to represent their identity as well as how minorities have represented their identity to assert themselves.


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