237130 | A2 | W4 | 4A Video Review

To me, the video which best described visual literacy was the Toledo Museum of Art video. It combined a range of different people’s definitions of what visual literacy means. It was generalised in a good way as it showed the bigger idea rather than focusing on specific examples. Basically it showed that the basis of visual literacy is knowing and communicating. At two minutes and forty six seconds it was succinct while incorporating many different perspectives. It taught me about how critical thinking is about engagement and taking the time to process what we are seeing. It talked about the flow of vision to cognition. As I always like to see the broader picture, this was a very satisfying video which nicely explained the fundamental ideas of visual literacy. I would definitely recommend this video to a family or friend if I were explaining what my Communications in Creative Cultures class was all about. In contrast, the video ‘Martin Scorsese on the Importance of Visual Literacy’ was very thought provoking. It was interesting to see a specific individual’s interpretation of visual literacy and from the specific background of film making. I found that this video pinpointed the importance of visual literacy in film making. It was more interesting to me with a background knowledge of critical thinking and visual texts than I think it would be to someone who hadn’t been introduced to these concepts.

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