237130 | A2 | W5 | Task 1 Visual Literacy

I watched John Berger’s ‘Ways of Seeing’. This related to all of the visual texts I plan on discussing in my essay. It talked about the importance of context in reproductions of paintings which relates to Dürer, Kahlo and Warhol as these have all been reproduced countless times. I also really enjoyed his point on the ‘mystification’ of art. I thought this was interesting as I found it incredibly easy to comprehend and analyse Kardashian’s selfie. This I believe was because I am familiar with Kim Kardashian as a celebrity and I am familiar with the platform Instagram. However, if the context were changed and a similar image were hanging in a museum by an artist with a subject I was less familiar with, I would doubt my understanding of the art. This linked together the two main ideas I took from the clip: the importance of context of reproductions of paintings and the mystification of art.

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