237130 | A2 | W6 | Reflection on Learning

On the whole this paper has been extremely interesting to me. I have always been interested in the meaning, concepts and context behind visual texts in the form of branding, advertising, art and design. Especially with a background in designing the branding and marketing for businesses I have always had an understanding for the ways that visual identity can ‘speak’ to an audience. However, it isn’t until taking this paper that I have been able to properly express the importance of the visual language. In the context of designing for brands, it is as if I have been subconsciously aware of how different fonts, colours and imagery can send messages to a consumer. However, I haven’t previously been able to verbalise why this is important and how these little details can say so much. It has also taken my understanding of the visual language to a much deeper level.

One of the key concepts I have found most interesting is the idea of ideologies and how these can be portrayed through visual texts. I am very interested in history and learning about ideologies in a historical setting has greatly influenced my appreciation of the importance of context of visual texts.

What has worked for me so far in this paper has been watching extra videos and resources to supplement lectures. I have found so far that these provide more specific examples than the readings allowing me to better understand the key ideas. I have found it interesting to find resources from academic journals as they are often quite in depth. I think perhaps from now on in my essay writing I need to focus on fewer key points. This will allow me to develop my ideas providing personal insight rather than trying to cover a lot of content on a shallow level.

I definitely have a new appreciation for a paper like this especially in combination with psychology as a natural science. I have always played close attention to the detail in my work however now I understand the importance of these details for reasons other than aesthetics.

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