237130 | A2 | W7 | World View

A person’s world view is largely based on their own personal experience and knowledge. Their world view can be influenced by their upbringing, education, religion and culture. While ideologies are prevalent and promoted through all of these areas, it is the unique combination of these experiences which make up one’s world view. Ideologies can influence both the creation and interpretation of visual texts. Visual texts are a way of normalising the power imbalances and inequalities prevalent in today’s society. The ideologies a person is most familiar with, be they Western, indigenous or other will influence the way they view visual texts including photographs (The Indigenous world view vs. Western world view). In this way, the myth of photographic truth relates to ideologies and world view as it controls or influences the way the viewer perceives a visual text. When constructing a photograph a person’s world view and ideologies will influence the image. When critically evaluating a visual text it is important to consider it’s intended and unintended audience. The text may have been contrived or designed for a particular audience through conforming to certain ideologies.


The Indigenous world view vs. Western world view. WC Native News. 2014.

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