Globalisation: Globalisation occurs when organisations have the platforms to operate globally, expanding their influence beyond their own country. In theory, globalisation has the potential to connect providers and consumers, however, in reality their is room for disaster. The interconnectedness of the world’s market means that one flaw or upset can disrupt the whole system.

Visual text: A visual text is something we are able to see and therefore interpret or read based off it’s visual information. It is information that we take in visually and perceive based on our understanding of visual culture. (Mirzoeff 12)

Context/Contextualising: Contextualising a visual text is to place the text in a time and place. It is about finding out when it was made and for what purpose. By contextualising a visual text you are able to grasp a deeper understanding about why it was made and who it was made for based on the significant social, cultural, economic and political trends of the time. (Clarke 25)

World view (in relation to audience): Depending on your social and ideological values, the way you view a work is not necessarily going to be the same as someone else. This means that visual texts may resonate with different people for different reasons and therefore no one account or description is wholly impartial. (Clarke 23) Our world view is based off what we already know and what we have already experienced. (Mirzoeff 11)

Male Gaze: The male gaze is a term used to describe imagery that has been created for males. It often features a woman looking vulnerable. Imagery that destroys the male gaze is imagery where woman appear to be powerful and in control. Often selfies of women on Instagram are created consciously or subconsciously for the male gaze.

Digital Performance: A digital performance is something created and shared on a digital platform. It is created with the intention of sharing information about oneself or surroundings. A lot can be read from the visual vocabulary of a digital performance.

Visual Signature: A visual signature is a way of expressing your ‘self’ visually. Rather than being restricted to a handwritten signature, we are able to make our presence known through increasing channels of visual communication. The ability to leave our mark is open to endless possibilities.

Ideology: The term ideology refers to the underlying set of beliefs, ideas and values shared by a large society. They naturalise and validate the structure of a society and how it works. Ideologies are ideas that are engrained and conditioned into a society through institutions, laws, media and visual texts. Ideologies can vary from culture to culture. For example, Western ideologies focus on individualism and the success of few while ideologies of communism in China focus on the collective success of the whole country.